Program To Demonstrate Data Hiding , Encapsulation And Abstraction Using C++

LEVEL: Beginner

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Background and Explanation of the code

The above program calculates the roots of the quadratic equations.The data members a, b, c  are hidden from main ( ) by declaring them private in the class quad_equ to prevent them from any accidental modification outside this class.User of this class needs to input values for coefficients of quadratic equation a, b, c and calculate their roots.To accomplish this, public member functions read ( ) and cal_roots ( ) are made that can be accessed from main ( ). Thus, data members (a,b,c) and its associated member functions ( read ( ) and cal_roots ( )) are encapsulated in a class quad_equ and hence provide controlled access to its data members from main ( ). The members functions are declared inside the class but defined outside so as to separate the interface from its actual implementation.Thus , it provide true abstraction.On executing the program, we get the required output.


Enter coffiecients of Quad.Equ  a, b, c =  1  6  5

Roots are real and unequal

x1 =  -1

x2 =  -5