Program To Calculate Gross Salary Of An Employee By Demonstrating How The Private Member Functions Can Be Accessed From Within Its Class In C++

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Background and Explanation of the code

The above program is used to calculate the gross salary of an employee whose basic pay is known by using the formula

Gross salary = basic pay + hra + da.

We assume here that hra = 15% of basic pay and da = 50% of basic pay.

The class employee contains two private data members and two private member functions cal_da ( ) and cal_hra ( ).These private member functions are not accessible from outside the class and acts as utility functions for computing gross salary.The public member function read ( ) inputs the name and basic pay of the employee .The public member function display_salary ( ) calculates and display the gross salary by calling private member functions of the class within itself.


Enter employee name = Rahul

Enter basic pay of employee =  3000

Gross salary of the employee =  4950